Meet The Team

Nicky LawrenceGlass maker

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Nicky works largely in glass, (blown and fused) and metal. Like the decorator crab, decorating its shell with materials from its
environment, she  expresses in her pieces elements that have inspired her
along her journey: tribal prints and marks, patterns, primitive designs, vibrant
colours. A lot of her work is
inspired by the coral reef and aims to draw attention to the plight of the coral
reefs as a result of global warming.  Nicky's work encompasses a range of
wearable sculptures, sitting on a coral reef of blown glass as well as blown glass wall sculptures, all inspired by coral reefs.

Alice Howard-Graham

Printed Textile designer- artist

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Alice Howard-Graham is a Printed Textile Designer & Artist. Alice holds a First Class BA Textiles degree from UCA Farnham 

and a Textiles Masters degree from the Royal College of Art.

Alice’s work has a distinctly graphic feel. Often drawing on her photography for inspiration, she works in an
abstract way – masking off areas, pulling out shapes and interesting compositions from her photographs, whilst
juxtaposing with bold areas of solid colour. Using different types of layering processes enables her to create
sophisticated patterns and marks – making every screen print completely unique.

Lene Ryden

Ceramic artist

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Lene loves creating vessels on the potter’s wheel where going with the rhythm of the clay, offers her pure satisfaction, at the same time as having a sense of losing control. She thrives on creating pieces that she connects to emotionally and Lene hopes that her audience is moved by both seeing and using her pieces. Lene's vessels have been altered by having objects thrown at them when they are at their most malleable. Sheer energy and randomness of the impact stands strong as the pieces communicate powerfully with the viewer. 

Hermione Thomson

Textile designer-artist

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Enjoying a myriad of techniques, Hermione approaches her practice with an affinity for mixed media especially printed textiles. Aesthetically drawn to finding beauty in worn surfaces that echo time passing, particularly in relation to loss and grief, Hermione’s  works have a material tactility about them. These materials are created by using several abrasive print-based processes and techniques that in turn become vehicles for metaphors for emotional states experienced during bereavement.

Keppel Nowson

Interior architect

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Kep studied

Landscape Design and Architecture and Horticulture

Diploma in 1975 at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, before going on to carry out the 

BA (Hons) and MA in Interior design at UCA. Kep's MA thesis included – researching and designing an underground house using future client as potential customer and “Place and Identity” semiotics of space. Recent work includes furthering considerable knowledge of craft subjects including ceramics metal and glass, foundry works, process of molding, casting and welding to achieve a greater hands on understanding and connection for interior design.

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