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Ollie was born in Guildford, it is his local town and home. Ollie set up Golden Fords in April 2020. Ollie loves the outside, working with materials such as wood and metal, he loves creating unique and inspired products. He has always been a hands-on and creative person, always looking for the next exciting project. You can always find him making and creating anything he can, and he is so happy to share the new venture of Golden Fords with you.

The name Golden Fords was inspired by the rich countryside of Ollies hometown. Guildford was a Saxon town and was referred to as Gold Fords due to its golden sand beaches that can be found dotted down the River Wey.

The Golden Fords studio is located on Ollie’s family farm, based on the doorstep of Chantry Woods, just outside Guildford. Luckily for him, nature and beauty are never too far away; he is continuously inspired by the tranquil vistas and scents of woody trees and green leaves which stretch as far as the eyes can see.

Ollie studied a Masters in Product Design at The University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. This is where his inspiration came to set up a small local business creating lovely hand crafted products for his local community. 

Ollie Olsen MA BA

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