Jennifa Chowdhury - Textiles 

Jennifa’s current work is a narrative embedded in traditional ‘Vrata’ rituals of Bengal and Islamic geometric art that conjoins historical and traditional textile crafts developed into a body of work. Reimagining the fluid and graceful movements and patterns in these craft-forms, through a process-driven creative practice, has allowed for a series of conceptually challenging and engaging structures, exploring light, shadow and movement.  Encapsulating her childhood memories and cultural identities; both public and personal, whilst embracing Muslim, Bengali and Western cultures. Her work embodies femininity by exploring and articulating strength, fragility and beauty through visual representation.


Jennifa endeavours to evoke, re-imagine and communicate subjects of culture, memory and time connected in the visual representation and aesthetic consideration made through her work. Form is communicated through large scale site-specific installations, while pushing production concepts through applied digital technology, unconventional materials and scale. Other pieces are functional with decorative elements which support the large-scale installation works that create a visual of multiple and individual engagement.  Jennifa wishes to question and challenge the possibilities and pre-conceptions of print and textiles and redefine these through the manipulation of material, pattern and colour.

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