Hermione Thomson - Textiles 



Aesthetically drawn to finding beauty in worn surfaces that echo time passing, particularly in relation to loss and grief, Hermione’s recent works have a material tactility about them. Created by using organic fibres embedded into bio-resin then treated with several abrasive print-based processes. This material and technique choice become vehicles for metaphors reflecting emotional states experienced during bereavement.

‘Presence of Absence Series’

Weighty cylindrical voids, ‘Presence of Absence’ act as conceptual forms of loss and each of these handmade monochromatic vessels vary in scale to reference the individual nature of our own mourning experiences. 

‘In Conversation I & II’

Recent works, ‘In Conversation I & II’ comment on social connectivity post loss. Interlacing cup stains act as a metaphor for the collective need to converse, often over ‘a cup of tea’ or suchlike, whilst leaving our mark on one another and inviting us to be reminded of the importance of conversation especially when faced with loss.

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