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Nicky Lawrence
Designer & Maker



Nicky makes wearable and non-wearable sculptures. Her work is inspired by the coral reef and aims to generate discussion around the plight of the reef, due to global warming.

She works in blown glass, fused glass and metal.

Wearable Sculptures:

The nudibranch (sea slug) jewellery can be worn as brooches or reversible pendants.  The pendants hang from hand forged silver neckpieces.   The nudibranchs start as piece of sheet metal, which are drilled then domed, using a hydraulic press, then filled with glass and put in the kiln.  The glass fuses through the holes, leaving the iconic gills, reminiscent of nudibranchs.

The glass and sterling silver rings are all one-offs, made using fused glass,  inspired by colours found in the reef.  The glass is then set into hand made sterling silver mounts with Nicky's trade mark bubbles on the base.  

Non-wearable Sculptures:

'Vertical Reef '- a backlit, blown glass installation

The ghostly reef shimmers and the muffled sounds of a bleached reef emanate from the work.  Gradually the colours become more vibrant and the whoops, snaps and grunts of a healthy reef bring the piece to life.

Nicky Lawrence making coral in Hot Shop
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