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Peter Gillespie
Urban Sketcher 


Peter has been living in Farnham for over 20 years. He works mainly with ink and wash and searches out any interesting built environment. He tries to reflect loosely the character and vibrancy of the building or street, working freehand, using lots of ink, a little pigment, but no pencils or rulers.

He is inspired by just walking around and seeing how the shape and allure of buildings and streets change continually with the weather, seasons and time of day. He works fast in ink to define the structure and the moment, then follows up with a light watercolour wash, before finishing with more marks and shadows to add depth.

Peter is self-taught in art, mainly picking up tips by watching great artists at work. He is always experimenting with new materials and techniques.

He has exhibited at Farnham Art Society’s annual exhibitions.

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