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Making Matters

We are a community-minded, collaborative art group, working with local artists and promoting arts and crafts projects within the wider Farnham community, as part of World Craft Town.  We are the founders of  ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, a community art project culminating in a series of installations around Farnham, as well as the organisers of the pop-up shops in Lion and Lamb Yard.

"Another Brick In The Wall" is a community project where raw bricks are changed through altering the surface of the wet clay. The carved bricks are then bisque-fired and displayed within the shop front of The Herald Shop, Lion & Lamb courtyard in Farnham initially. Your bricks will then be recreated as a larger art installation in Farnham as part of phase II during 2021/22.


ABITW is to symbolise the importance of the production of bricks in Farnham, a town that is steeped in Craft history. This project is also in celebration of Farnham having been awarded the "World Craft City" status.

Meet the Team

Nicky Lawrence making coral in Hot Shop
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Nicky Lawrence

Designer - Maker
glass & metal

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Caroline Ingram

Enamel Artist

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Lene Ryden

Ceramic Artist

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Manuela Kagerbauer


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Keppel Nowson

Interior Architect

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