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Abeer Kayani specialises in hand-dyed and screen-printed textiles. She works passionately with strong colours, intricate patterns and rich printing techniques highly influenced by her South Asian roots. Abeer grew up surrounded by nature, colour and craft, ‘Our house in Kashmir had these beautiful teal walls. All the homes are painted in spectacular colours, the vibrant details and occasional patterns are mesmerising, one can feel that the people truly cherish colour.’ Coming from Pakistan, a country with a rich cultural background, Abeer uses her creative process to reconstruct her cultural experiences. ‘Memories have no material form which is why I collect objects that are symbolic of home. I want my work to evoke emotion- a sense of joy and belonging.’


Her ‘Transition’ series of silk scarves are inspired by an experimental colour study of various handcrafted items. These include handwoven buttons, a handcrafted ring and silk bound bangles which travelled with her overseas and hold emotional significance. Abeer loves working on small meaningful pieces like these because they bring out stories and help us appreciate and express the relationships we form with places and objects. Each piece has a unique story to tell and is suitable for display as an art piece to hang on your favourite wall or a luxurious treat for your wardrobe!


Since graduating from UCA, Farnham in 2019, Abeer has been offered an Artist Residency at the Watts Gallery and was invited as a Guest speaker at the Westminster Media Forum 2019 for Arts Council England. She has exhibited with New Ashgate Gallery as part of the Rising Stars 2020 nomination. Abeer has been working with local galleries and groups to deliver workshops to people of all ages. She believes that colour and craft are a powerful tool that should be made accessible to all. Based in Southampton and currently working towards setting up her printing studio, she continues to develop her networks and new relationships.

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